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This real Craps game at the Peppermill Casino in Wendover is a great example of what it’s like to gamble during this pandemic. The casino seemed to be following the Nevada Gaming Commission’s safety guidelines for reopening just fine. Here’s what we observed:
At the Craps table, there are stickers on the arm rests where each player is to stand, for a total of 6 players (3 per side). There were no plexiglass dividers between players. Dice were sanitized and alternated between each player, which kinda slowed the game down. When I got the dice, they were still wet, causing them to stick together for my first couple throws (a good thing for you dice setters). They only had TWO dealers at the table. There was no stick man or box man. The chips seemed MUCH cleaner, which was nice. ALL the casino staff were wearing masks, but less than 10% of the patrons were wearing masks (I wore my mask the entire time). ALL the staff throughout the casino were friendly and seemed very happy to be back at work.
In the rest of the casino, safety protocols were like all other casinos in Nevada; your temperature was scanned upon entry, every other slot machine was off and the chair removed, plexiglass dividers between the dealer and player at blackjack and poker games (no divider between players), a maximum of 3 players per table game, no smoking at the table games, hand sanitizing stations throughout the casino floor, employees were sanitizing slots and tables every so often but not as you left the game, social distancing seemed to be being followed well.
The casino wasn’t very busy AT ALL. Of course, that could be because it was a weekday in the early evening in a small border town casino.

As for what happened during this Craps session, the first player in the video was already rolling and had established a point by the time I started recording. He went on to roll 32 times in the video. So, he rolled more than that! He and the person next to me weren’t pressing AT ALL. They could have really raked it in. I, on the other hand, started pressing my Place bets as soon as I had my original $100 back. I was also pressing my Pass Line bet by $5 with every point won, which helped me build up my bankroll really nicely.
Once the first player 7’d-out, the second player rolled just 11 times. He seemed to be pressing his bets pretty well during the entire video.
When it came to my turn, I received wet dice, thanks to the sanitizer they had sprayed and not wiped off. For those who practice Dice Control and Dice Setting, this is a good thing because it caused the dice to stick together for the first couple rolls, which is a goal of every REAL dice setter out there.
During my turn I rolled 21 times and hit a few points. I pressed my Place bets frequently and increased my Pass Line bet with every point I won. Eventually, my bankroll swelled to over $350! I eventually colored up at $318 after the next player rolled only 3 times. Felt that it was a good time to get out.
It should be noted that I was tipping the dealers more frequently than I do. I even made some 2-way hard-ways bets, which hit a few times. The dealers were thankful for that, as nobody else was doing it.

In all, it was a GREAT Craps session, and a EXCELLENT casino trip. If you are ever in Wendover, stop by one of the 5 casinos in town. You’ll be surprised at how nice most of them are and how much fun you’ll have.

See you next time Inside the Casino!

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