MASSIVE WIN ON BUFFALO REVOLUTION! – $40 Slot Challenge #17 – Inside the Casino

Got me a massive win on this Buffalo Gold Revolution slot machine! This was recorded way before casinos shut down. Don’t worry.

The $40 Challenge works like this:
We pick one casino and try to play the same $40 in up to 5 different slot machines. Once we get to $45-$50 or more on one machine, we cash out, keep the profit and play our original $40 on the next game, and so on, up to 5 games. If we lose our $40 at any time before we get to the 5th game, the challenge is over. The game can last one game or last 5 games or somewhere in between! That’s the fun of the $40 Challenge!

This $40 Challenge was played at the Rio casino in Las Vegas, Nevada!
Let’s see how it goes!

See you Inside the Casino!

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