New mutated COVID-19 strain, likely to arrive soon

Hearing that an already dangerously contagious virus—has mutated into an even more contagious version is sending shockwaves across the world.

"This is not something personal to you. COVID has forced society to shut down. You’re the victim," said Tick Segerblom, a Clark County Commissioner. The deadline for the reinstated eviction moratorium is now Mar. 31. 2020.

New places to eat may be rolling their kitchens into the Arts District in early 2021 if a project in the works gets the green light from the Las Vegas City Council. The proposal would turn a 7,400 sq. ft. dirt lot on Casino Center Blvd. just south of California Ave. into the “Urban Food Lot,” home to 10 local food trucks, according to President of Metroplex Realty Paul Murad.

00:00 – Coronavirus mutates
01:53 – Eviction moratorium, what you need to know
04:01 – Arts district food trucks
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